The Communications Act 2020

Enacted: 1st June 2020

Last Updated: 22nd January 2021

Article 1

§1.1 Under this act, players may be liable to laws and regulations enacted within the real world.

§1.2 Any actions which require real world interventions will be carried out accordance with laws set out by the parliament of the United Kingdom.

§1.3 This act will apply to any verbal and written communication systems used within the Minecraft game and Eventide website.

Article 2

§2.1 Each player is entitled to protected free speech as defined by Article 10 of the Human Rights Act (1998), as enacted by the parliament of the United Kingdom.

Article 3

§3.1 Each player will have some of their characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010, as enacted by the parliament of the United Kingdom, namely:

§3.1.1 Age;

§3.1.2 Disability;

§3.1.3 Gender reassignment;

§3.1.4 Marriage and civil partnership;

§3.1.5 Pregnancy and maternity;

§3.1.6 Race;

§3.1.7 Religion or belief;

§3.1.8 Sex;

§3.1.9 Sexual orientation.

§3.2 Each player will be protected from harassment, stalking, and bullying, both online and offline.

Article 4

§4.1 Each player must show a level of respect to each other player, to a level which would be considered reasonable by their peers.

Article 5

§5.1 No player shall utilise any communication system in such a way that would reasonably be expected by their peers to cause nuisance or offence to any other player.

Article 6

§6.1 Each player must use good judgement when making jokes.

§6.2 In particular to section 6.1, extra consideration should be made to jokes which involves characteristics as laid out in section 3.

§6.3 A joke will breach this act if it can be reasonably expected to cause nuisance or offence if taken literally or out of context.

Article 7

§7.1 No player may advertise any service or product on the Eventide server or website, unless:

§7.1.1 They have received explicit written permission from any server admin; and

§7.1.2 The advert does not breach the conditions agreed upon as per section 7.1.1; or

§7.1.3 The product or service advertised is intended to aid the immediate physical or mental health of any party that receives it.

§7.2 Any player may request permission to advertise through any auditable means.

§7.3 Eventide admins may request any player pay a fee to allow them to advertise.

Article 8

§8.1 Any player guilty of breaching this act shall be liable to -

§8.1.1 A fine not exceeding one-hundred percent of their total currency balance and assets; and

§8.1.2 An in-game custodial sentence of not more than one-hundred million blocks; and, where appropriate;

§8.1.3 A referral to the relevant law enforcement agencies for any act or omission which breaches the law, as governed by the government of the United Kingdom.

§8.2 Punishment enacted under this act shall be at the discretion of the appointed judge and jury, as enacted in the Courts & Justice Act 2021.